When your body doesn’t behave as you’d like, including: How can I get my erection to last longer?

We all have bodies.  We all have expectations on what we’d like from our bodies.  And we all have to deal with the fact our bodies don’t always do what we’d like.
Vaginas that aren’t wet enough, or wide enough…  Cocks that don’t get hard, or that come too soon…  Are they trying to tell us something?  Are there specific things that we can do, or psychological things, to assist?  Are there work-arounds?
To answer these questions, Rog from Curious Creatures is joined by:
Cath Carter:  Renowned sex therapist, counselor, and couples and singles coach.  Cath has been in the field of sexuality for thirty years, is a walking embodiment of compassion and sex-positivity, and can be found at www.personalharmony.com.au.
Maureen Matthews:  Author of ‘About Last Night’ in the Sunday Age newspaper, and operator of Bliss for Women.  Maureen has been advising and coaching people on sexuality and relationship issues for over thirty years, and making a lot of lives better!  http://www.bliss4women.com.au/
Find Curious Creatures at www.curiouscreatures.biz.

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