What’s topping from the bottom?

The team deserves a gold star for just defining this complex issue!
What follows is loads of great advice about the subtleties of the interplay between a dominant and their submissive – or is a submissive, and their dominant?
This conversation scrolls through everything from bratty behavior to the possibility that submission is not appropriate because trust is not in place.  Needless to say, communication and consent are mentioned many times!
For this nuanced little question, Rog from Curious Creatures is joined by:
Aerie, from Blue Velvet Arts, who runs accessible and fun workshops on kink and communication in Melbourne, Australia.
Beejay, from Eagle Leather (in Abbotsford, Melbourne) – for all your fetish wear and equipment needs, and some great education / outreach also.
Curious Creatures are at curiouscreatures.biz.

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