Polyamory: Do you believe in tight or loose agreements? …Strict rules, or relationship anarchy?

Getting deep into the subtleties of polyamory (and open-relationships and non-monogamy, generally), tune in to get the combined wisdom of 70 years of combined experience!

This conversation goes into the subtle ways we sometimes use agreements to control one another, or avoid facing what  we don’t want to see within ourselves.  It also includes information on how to put specific agreements in place that are unique to your relationships and that support all the people in your constellation, and personal stories on how agreements tend to change over time.

Not polyamorous?  Fear not! – There’s a lot of information in here that’s just as applicable to monogamous relationship agreements!

Rog, from Curious Creatures, is joined by:

Dossie Easton – author of The Ethical Slut (and various other progressive sexuality books), and counselor and relationships coach based in San Fransisco (dossieeaston.com).

Anne Hunter, a relationships coach and polyamory specialist, in Melbourne, Australia (yourrelationshiptoolbelt.com).


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