How can I introduce more interesting sex into my relationship?

This is a question that almost all sexual partners face at some stage.  It can be stifling and hard to know where to start, however there are some really doable and time-tested solutions from these sexuality experts.
Rog from Curious Creatures is joined by:
Barbara Carrellas – World renowned author, workshop therapist, coach, adviser and speaker.  Barbara has written many books, including the revolutionary ‘Urban Tantra’ and ‘Ecstasy is Necessary’.  Find her at
Cyndi Darnell – Therapist, facilitator, author and speaker.  Cyndi has been a committed leader within the field of sexuality for decades and offers powerful therapeutic assistance in all matters related to sexuality and relationships.  Find her at, and also look for her Mindfulness & Intimacy workshop, her Desire series of online workshops, and her Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal.
Curious Creatures can be found at

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