What do you wish you were told at the start of your sex journey?

Does sex denial work well as sex education?  Can you rely on what your schoolmates tell you in lieu of sex education?

When did you first learn about ‘consent’, and that some of what had been happening to you was ‘non-consent’?

Was it embarrassing, when you realised that what you’d learned from porn was partly amazing, and partly a bum-steer?  Was that a bit…  awkward?

Let’s have a really frank conversation about what it was like growing up and navigating your sex.  Rog, from Curious Creatures, is joined by Dr Linda Kirkman – one of Australia’s foremost specialists in sexuality, and aging in particular.  Linda is a counselor who you can see via Skype anywhere in the world, or locally in Victoria, Australia.


Curious Creatures are at curiouscreatures.biz.



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